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Canon Pixma has a wide range of inkjet printers designed to match all your printing needs. The Pixma is categorized into various series and each series of printers has a set of special functions. From document printing to envelope printing, one-sided copy to multi-page scanning, touchscreen panel for easy navigation, and high memory capacity, the Pixma printers are available in different colors at an affordable cost. The list of Pixma printer series along with the printer models, their specifications, Canon Pixma printer setup process, and troubleshooting steps are given on our site. You can be benefited with the newest free version of the driver for your printer and the printer manual.

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Canon Pixma Support delivers the information on Canon Pixma printer setup for the first time and instructions on how to troubleshoot printers.

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You can download a printed copy of the easy-to-access user manual for your Canon Pixma printer and that is free to download.

Canon Pixma Printer Setup Compatible Platforms

The Canon Pixma printer setup is compatible with the following Windows operating system versions. You can use both Standard and Enterprise version of your Windows OS; both 32-bit and 64-bit types are applicable.
Canon Pixma printer series support a wide range of Macintosh operating system version. When you update the current Mac OS to the latest version, the printer driver presently installed updates along with the OS update.
Android devices (smartphones or tablets) operating on 4.4 or higher OS version can be used with your printer. Get instant Canon Pixma support from us.
Apple devices (iPad, iPod, & iPhone) that run on iOS 4.2 or higher can be connected to the Canon Pixma printer setup you are using.

List of Canon Pixma Printer Series

Canon Pixma MG Series


A series of Wireless Color Inkjet All-in-One printers deliver the superior quality you need with easy-to-use touchscreen panels.

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Canon Pixma MX Series


With the Pixma MX series printers, bring superior quality printouts and many wireless functions to your home or office.

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Canon Pixma MP Series


Canon Pixma MP is a series of Color Multi-functional Inkjet printers preferred by photographers.

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Canon Pixma IP Series


For Pro photographers who look for exceptional print quality, versatility, and control, the Pixma IP series of printers is the best option.

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Canon Pixma TR Series


The Canon Pixma TR series offers excellent print quality and they are light in weight. Though they are priced at a higher cost, their functionalities are worth paying the money.

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Canon Pixma G Series


High Page Yield ink bottles, Integrated Ink Tank system, and Quality Photo printing are the key functionalities of the Canon Pixma G printer series.

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Canon Pixma Pro Series


Hassle-free and easy printing with the Pixma Pro series. Optical Disk printing, a dynamic feature that some printers lack, is embedded in this printer series.

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Canon Pixma TS Series


The Pixma TS series offers Borderless printing, one-tap Wireless Direct connection, 1.5 segment LCD with Icon Display, and multi-function control panel.

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Canon Pixma Printer Setup

Easy Canon Pixma Printer Setup Steps

  • Use a knife or a cutter to cut the tape wrapped on the box. Open the box’s cover and grasp the Styrofoam packing in which the printer is enclosed, and then take the printer out of the box. Take the other accessories, printer manual, CD to install drivers, power & network cables, and the ink cartridges.
  • Keep the printer on a table, and initiate the Canon Pixma printer setup process by removing the printer from the packing and eliminating all the tapes and stickers from it. With the power cord accompanied, provide power connection to the printer by plugging the cable to the power port of the printer and a wall outlet.
  • Bring the printer to active status by long pressing the Power button on the control panel. Once the Welcome screen appears, set your language, and sort the other preferences. Unlock & open the access door, do a through-check, and remember to clear the cardboard pieces from the printer’s inside if any. Reach our experts to get quick Canon Pixma support from us.
  • Hold the paper tray handle and pull it out. Get information about the supported paper types and purchase the same. Note the input tray limit and take papers according to the limit. Ensure that they are wrinkle-free and place them on the tray. Adjust the paper guides and push the tray inside the printer.

Canon Pixma Ink Cartridge Installation

Check thoroughly whether the ink cartridges are free from leaks and duplication. Open the access door and locate the cartridge assembly. Remove the Canon Pixma ink cartridges from their covers and detach the protective tapes from them. Holding the cartridges on the plastic area, insert the black ink cartridge into the black slot and the tricolor ink cartridge into the color slot. Close the door after doing so. The printer self-aligns the cartridges and then prints an alignment page, once the Canon Pixma printer setup process is done.

Canon Pixma Driver Download & Installation

Clicking on the Canon pixma driver download link on our site auto-downloads the driver for your printer by detecting the currently installed operating system on the computer you are using. After the setup file is downloaded, double-click on it and click the Run as Administrator option. Once the driver installation window pops up, select the Terms & Conditions check-box and proceed with the on-screen guidelines. During the driver installation process, you can choose between Wireless and USB setup. For further queries, just get instant Canon Pixma support from us.

Canon Pixma Wireless Setup

  • On the initial screen of the driver installation process, click Next to open the Security Access screen. Type your system password in the dialog box to allow the helper tool to be installed. Once done, click on the Install Helper option. Review the Terms & Conditions on the Information screen and click on the Next button.
  • A screen prompting you to choose one between USB and Wireless connection appears. Select the Wireless Connection button. Make sure you turn the printer on and check whether the power lamp is active. After making sure the conditions are the same as mentioned above, click Next. If you have not reviewed the Terms & Conditions or if you opt for USB Setup, click the Start Again or Back button, else, proceed further.
  • On the upcoming screen, click the Connect to the network option. Select Cableless setup on the Canon Pixma printer Setup Procedure Selection window. If the operating system version on your computer is Windows XP, click the Other setup method and continue with the on-screen guidelines.
  • Once the Connection via Cableless setup screen pops up, long press the printer’s Wi-Fi button for the Canon Pixma wireless setup process, until the orange-colored alarm lamp flashes. Release the button when the lamp flashes two times. Check that the blue Wi-Fi light flashes immediately and the power lamp (green color) is lit.
  • Click the Next button and proceed further. On the Credentials screen, select your country and place of residence, and then click Next. A window opens with a list of software; categorized for Windows and Mac. Select the software you want to install, click the check-box next to it, and click the Next button.
  • On the next window, click Yes to confirm that you agree to the end user license agreement and then click Next. The forthcoming screen denotes your printer model and the SSID of your wireless network. Click Complete to conclude the Cableless setup process. Activate the printer’s Wi-Fi and select the desired SSID to connect the printer to your network. For more queries, reach our techies to get quick Canon Pixma support.
Canon Pixma Wireless Setup


If the printer is set up for Wireless connection currently, plug one end of an Ethernet cable into the printer’s Ethernet slot and the other end to an available port on a switch or wall jack. Wait for a minute for the Ethernet network adapter to shift from the idle state and become active. In the meantime, the printer acquires the IP address from the network. Select the network printer on the control panel for the Canon Pixma printer setup process and the Ethernet connection is established.


You can opt for a USB connection while installing the printer drivers. If you have skipped the screen, there is an alternate. Attach the square-end of a USB cord to the printer’s USB port and the rectangle-end to the computer’s USB slot. Wait for a moment for the OS to identify the driver and finish the Canon Pixma USB setup process. Select your printer from the computer and double-click on it to configure the same. You cannot print wirelessly if you have a USB cable connected to the printer.

How to Print from Canon Pixma Printer?

Ensure that the Canon printer is turned on. Open the printer’s paper input tray and pull the extension tray. Load a stack of A4 papers into the paper input tray. From the computer, launch the Printer Driver Setup window and select the Quick Canon Pixma printer Setup tab. Under the Commonly Used Settings box, select the printing profile suitable for your current print job. Set the print settings such as Media Type and Paper Size on the Printing Preferences window. Make sure to select the Print Quality as High. Click Apply, open a document that you want to print, and click File. Select the Print > Printer model and the printer starts to print the selected document. Get instant Canon Pixma support from our techies.

How to Copy from Canon Pixma Printer?

Before copying, ensure that you have sufficient paper in the input tray to complete your copy job. Switching on the Canon printer, raise the scanner cover and place the document to be copied on it. Lower the cover and tap the Copy button. You can allot the number of copies to be printed from the control panel. Use the Black button to print documents in black & white, and touch the Color button to print in color. The printer starts copying the document placed on the scanner glass. You can also set the Copy Settings from the printer’s control panel, and make double-sided copies with the duplexing technology if the printer has one.

How to Scan on Canon Pixma Printer?

Follow the below steps to know how to scan on Canon Pixma printer:

Power on the printer for the Canon Pixma printer setup process and lift the scanner lid. Make sure to establish communication between the printer and the computer you use. With the print-side facing down, place the original document to be scanned on the glass and lower the lid. Tap the Scan icon on the access panel of the printer and the printer begins to scan the document. You can download it on your computer for printing later. If the Scan icon is not available, download and install the IJ Scan Utility tool on the computer you are using. You can get the tool from the full feature driver package. Make necessary settings on the preview window. Set the scan resolution and click Scan. We provide the best Canon Pixma support to solve all your printer queries.

Canon pixma Fax Setup

Ensure that the Canon printer you are using is fax-enabled. Access the document that you want to fax on the laptop. You can use the ADF to fax multi-page documents. If you are using the scanner glass, load the doc with the print-side resting on the glass. Load a few plain papers into the input tray for the printer to print any fax-related reports. Take a phone that is connected over the same line and wait for a dial tone. On the control panel of the printer, enter the receiver’s fax or telephone number. Touch the Black/Color or Send icon on the control panel. Wait for a few minutes and check with the receiver for the document that has been faxed.

Canon Pixma Support

File Sharing On A Canon Pixma Printer


To perform file sharing, make sure to link the printer and the computer through the same network and the Canon Pixma printer setup is done. On the computer, log out from your current account and then login as an administrator. After that, go to the Control Panel home and specify the recipient address in the necessary field. Refer to the manual and set the FTP server. For documents that are already scanned, the Send Files function of the printer should be enabled. Once the driver installation process is completed, create a new folder in a local drive. Right-click on the folder and select Share this folder. Go to the Permissions tab and set the access permission to Everyone under the Properties menu. Select the Full Control/Parental Control so that the data will be scanned and saved on the computer. Just contact our techies to get quick Canon Pixma support to fix all your printer issues.

How to Optimize Print Speed on Canon Pixma Printer?

The speed of printouts from your printer depends on the document you print and the settings you choose. Read the instructions below to optimize the print speed.


  • Choosing the printer-ready fonts or the resident format optimizes the speed of the printer as they are scalable and reliable. Enable the Substitute Best Matching Printer Font under the print settings to automatically analyze the matching font.


  • Send the documents in the form of barcodes to optimize the print speed. The Canon Pixma printer setup converts the barcode data automatically and prints the document as a readable one. This is done to save time and human work involved.


  • Minimize large graphic designs by replacing them with simple ones to increase the performance of the printer. Higher the resolution, more the time is taken by the printer to print. For more queries, get the best Canon pixma support from our tech experts.


  • Enable Allow Static Objects to let the printer save your design that does not have any data changes. Likewise, Allow Static Graphics applies to graphics that are not downloaded automatically on the printer.

How To Improve Print Quality on Canon Pixma Printer?

Ensure that the ink cartridges are full and properly inserted. Improve the print quality for your documents and photos by referring to the instructions below.


  • From the printer control panel, open the Speed Adjustment menu and set the printing speed to the highest point. By doing so, the color saturation will be reduced. Set the maximum resolution in both the printer and the application.


  • Shut down the printer when not in use and wait until the power light goes off. This is done to let the printer move the cartridges to a secure position. Make sure you do not remove the cartridges unless you want to change them.


  • Purchase a printer cover suitable for your printer. Wrap it on the printer to protect dust and unwanted particles from entering the printer. Always safeguard the nozzles on the print heads.Reach our experts to get quick Canon Pixma printer setup support.


  • Use only papers that are recommended for your printer to avoid paper jam and color saturation. Regularly, carry out the head alignment process to adjust the printhead positions and reduce deviated colors.

Canon Pixma Ink Cartridge Replacement

Check the ink level on the cartridges and if they are low, then it’s time for Canon Pixma ink Cartridge replacement process.

  • Purchase a new set of FINE ink cartridges from an authorized seller.
  • Open the cartridge access door and take the old cartridges from the printer.
  • Place the new cartridges into the respective ink slots and close the door. Get the best Canon Pixma support, by just contacting our technical experts.

How To Reset The Canon Pixma Printer?

  • Turn the printer off. Press & hold the Stop/reset and the Power buttons.
  • Release the Stop button first and press it two times continuously.
  • Wait for 30 seconds until the LED shows 0 and press the Stop button 4 times.
  • Press the Power key twice to turn the printer off. The printer is now reset. Get instant Canon Pixma printer setup support from our experts.

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